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Before I had meet you
I never realized your impact
I though finding you would be best.
But, all I found was that I had no idea
About what was gone wrong
But I started to be treated differently.
I learned there was more
As if it was necessary
That I changed the way I looked at my life
I learned that you
Care a lot, but it was only for
Looking at anything that gave you the upper hand.
A new way of living that
I never had seen before
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Cress by All-Fall-Apart Cress :iconall-fall-apart:All-Fall-Apart 0 0
Just Like A Storm
Just like a storm
All hell's going to break loose
The lightning will strike
Sending the air particles apart
The lightening will retract and the
Two sides will crash together
The load boom will serve
As a warning of what's to come
It will approach with a gaining velocity
Getting louder as the wind picks up
Soon the hot and cold air
Will swirl chasing one another
They will touch the ground
Wreaking havoc everywhere they go
It will then lift and the clouds
Will part for everyone to see
Nothing survived and the hope
Was drained from those left behind
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From One To Another
I stare at the blank page before me
The blue lines blurring as everything is out of focus
My hand moves, but nothing is drawn
The spirit flies away as I can not draw even a fawn
I tear the page out away from my eyes
The paper falling slowly to the ground beside me
My body shakes as I fail to find my way
The pencil wants to fall and rest for another day
I pause looking for inspiration for a simple mind
The computer goes dark as the life drained out
My neck is stiff from a wasted hour
The faith is crumbling like an old tower
I blink and see the lines across the page
The white paper filing slowly with words
My head gears are grinding for a rhyme
The word I find is only worth a dime
I was inspired to do one thing for the day
The path changed from one to another
My poem is almost done
The time spent was actually fun
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Why do you thinkI am this way
Why do you think
I am this way?
Maybe because
You are a
Hypocrite and
You don't see it
Why do you think
I don't love you?
Maybe because
You don't give
Me the Opportunity
To show you
Why do you think
I don't tell you anything?
Maybe because
You over react all
The time, telling me
What I already know
Why do you think
I tell you over and over?
Maybe because
You don't understand
Modern society enough
To live in it
Why do you think
I imagine a perfect world
Maybe because
I would still be mad
If you wouldn't
Let me
Why do you think
I'm insulted?
Maybe because
You would just hear
More hurtful words
If I were to stay.
Why do you think
I want a different family
Maybe because
You might die in
Less time then a
Child should be given
Why do you think
I stopped being me?
Maybe because
The me was something
That you wouldn't
Be proud of anymore
Why do you think
The real me is horrible?
Maybe because
I'm a terrible person
Who shouldn't actually
Have you anymore.
Why do you think
I'm crying now?
Maybe b
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Greece by All-Fall-Apart Greece :iconall-fall-apart:All-Fall-Apart 1 1
Maybe they found someone else
Someone who is better then me
I know there are
Maybe they don't notice me anymore
They don't like me anymore
I guess I'm now alone
Maybe they can't see the pain I feel
When another person replaces me
I wonder if my life is meant to be in pain
Maybe they have moved on
Never to find me again
I sometimes find it hard
Maybe they know that they are leaving
The feeling has been made prominent
I can't even find myself anymore
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I Can't
I can't keep myself together
Just want to curl up
In a ball and cry for days
Can this just be
A nightmare to wake up from
And everything will be normal?
I hate how things can change so fast
Never expected things to happen like this
I just can't understand
Everyone is saying that
They love you and they are there
But I feel empty
When I'm not crying I
Don't know what I feel
It seems that I feel nothing
But with a tear stained face
With blood shot eyes and
A tear soaked shirt
People are depending on me
As an older person to put on
The facade pretending to be okay
I force a smile
And pray while saying
"It will be okay"
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New Years Resolutions by All-Fall-Apart New Years Resolutions :iconall-fall-apart:All-Fall-Apart 0 0 Maybe They Found Someone Else by All-Fall-Apart Maybe They Found Someone Else :iconall-fall-apart:All-Fall-Apart 0 0 I've Started to Wonder by All-Fall-Apart I've Started to Wonder :iconall-fall-apart:All-Fall-Apart 0 0 Would You Realize by All-Fall-Apart Would You Realize :iconall-fall-apart:All-Fall-Apart 0 0
If I Would Start to Cry
I wonder if I would start to cry
Will you finally realize the pain
That I feel when I see you
Talking to her instead
I almost did one time but I stopped
What’s worse is that you asked
“What’s wrong” when I was down
When you were the thing wrong
I want to talk to you about it
But I don’t want to be told
That everything that I feel
Is actually correct and you're now gone
I know that she is fun to be around
She is a great friend to have
It just hurts to see that you would rather
Be with her than with me now
I helped you when you needed my help
Every time I've tried my best to help
Why is everything falling apart at once
You’re just adding to a pile
I guess that you’re going to be another
Person that has decided that I’m not
Worth being around and found
New people to be around
I've started to wonder if I'm
In a world that has a bunch of groups
That don't actually want me around
And I'm all alone
:iconall-fall-apart:All-Fall-Apart 0 0
Maybe they...
Maybe they found someone else.
Someone who is better than me.
I know there are.
Maybe they don't notice me anymore.
They don't like me anymore.
I guess I'm now alone.
Maybe they can't see the pain I feel.
When another person replaces me.
I wonder if my life is meant to be in pain.
Maybe they have moved on.
Never to find me again.
I sometimes find it hard.
Maybe they know that I can't.
The feeling has been made prominent.
I can't seem to find myself.
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A World That Isn't real
A World
That isn't real
But it seems real to you.
It can be perfect
You are the main character
An adventure waiting for you.
Every time you enter
You have perfect friends
They will always be there.
This world that isn't real
This world that is perfect
This world is your imagination.
Your imagination
Can be the only thing
That keeps you from sinking down.
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The Pain
How can you forget?
The pain that was handed out,
so easily, without a thought.
The pain sunk deep
down to the pit of my stomach,
feeling internal pain.
A fake apology was given.
Something that happens often.
Apologizes mean nothing.
I've learned to pretend,
That nothing has happened.
Everything is simply OK.
Though I know it's not.
The pain will never leave,
Not until there is Harmony.
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I was writing this really cool story that I've been working on for months and I had a outline that I was writing my work off of... but my parents accidentally saved a document over the outline. I'm so mad right now, I still had seven chapters that I had outlined really well and now I've lost it all. I can't believe it. I really wish that there was a way to recover it, but I didn't have the backup file thing on and my parents had closed the document meaning I couldn't undo anything.

Just thought I would let it out, already screamed at my parents. They didn't seem very sorry. So whatever. I now have to write a whole new outline and seven brand new chapters, which I can't remember what I wrote about. I hope I can come up with something interesting. It was a complicated story and I don't know...

I felt really proud of myself for actually writing an outline and everything, but now I feel lost. I was struggling with the chapter that I'm already writing at the moment, but at least I had the majority of the story done... ugh...

I just want to cry....


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Don't want to write one.


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